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Assistant stunt class program director


Job description

The Assistant Stunt Class Program Director is directly responsible for successfully managing and implementing the stunt class program on a daily basis. Key responsibilities include curriculum implementation and review, assisting with the development of new curriculum.  Additionally, assisting with staff development and schedule,  equipment direction, floor usage, and class management.

The Sunt Program Director will also perform all responsibilities of a Head Coach or a Class Coach.

Reports To: Class Program Manager

Education & Skills requirements

Education & Skills Requirements:

  • Strong background of relevant experience in Cheer and Coaching

  • Great communication skills to interact with students, parents and other coaches

  • Ability to meet all physical requirements of the job

  • Knowledge of gym safety and procedures

  • Strong work ethic and consistent attendance

 Are you interested in the Asst. Stunt Class Program Director position? Click the link below to apply!

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