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head coach position


Job description

The Head Coach is directly responsible for high school team supervision growth and development.

The Head Coach will also be responsible for performing all Cheer Coach duties, including Team Development, Routine Development, Competition Performance, Intra-squad relationships, Coach/Team Dynamic, Coach Communication and acting as an Empire/Team Liaison.

Reports To: Gym Manager

Education & Skills requirements

Education & Skills Requirements:

  • Strong background of relevant experience in Cheer and Coaching

  • Great communication skills to interact with students, parents and other coaches

  • Ability to meet all physical requirements of the job

  • Knowledge of gym safety and procedures

  • Strong work ethic and consistent attendance

High School Coaching will also include the following responsibilities:

  • Implementation of season objectives provided by HS Program Director

  • Update and stay current with communication between HS Coach and EA Coach/ Program Director(EA) on squad development, including, but not limited to:

    • Skill development (tumbling and stunt)

    • Team dynamic development

    • Facilitating high school coach development

    • Choreography

    • Music recommendations

    • Routine development and cleaning

    • Performance day support

  • Photos or Video footage emailed to Social Media Director

  • Always be working in the best interest of the athletes and the high school program.  

 Are you interested in the Head Coach position? Click the link below to apply!

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